WARNING: It's so easy. It may become your everyday doo when you have JiE Volume.

WARNING: It's so easy. It may become your everyday doo when you have JiE Volume.

It's the easiest hair doo since you popped a toaster schruddle. (Awhat?!!!)

Step one: After your shower using our JiE Neutre & JiE Baume, ( a light & mild cleansing formula that does not strip your hair of all it's natural oils and keeps it full of life), towel dry your hair.

Step two: Flip your head upside down ( a. because it's fun. b. because it brings blood to hair follicles faster and c. because it's good for your brain), and spray JiE Volume all over your damp hair.

Step three: As your hair air dries, scrunch the ends in your fist. Keep scrunching when ever you fancy.  Then, if you want a little more definition take thin, separate parts of your hair and twist it around your finger forefinger and thumb.  Give your head a little shake.

Practice makes perfect before summer arrives! 







Bring JiE Everywhere

JiE is the ultimate travelling partner with his perfectly sized bottles you can't go wrong.  They are just the right size to pack into your carry-on for all flights.  You can purchase the right number of bottles to give yourself some more room for that extra outfit while abiding all the weight restrictions.  JiE Travel Essentials makes jet-setting life easy for those weekend getaways. If you'd like to know how many you should purchase from our NEW online shop : call our front desk while you order. 416.926.0026. Your hair can be JiEWOW anywhere and everywhere! 


Oh yes, wearing a hat again…Your age,.. your hair??? Who?… You? 


What's a “mom cut”? Make you a, not that picture again. Who says that's for teens? What do you mean,your face is too round? – It's heart shaped. 


So many questions come into our minds when our clients SIT IN our chairS.  We all have different perceptions of ourselves. At Salon JiE, we are always here to listen, with the best choices and styles that suit your character, your lifestyle, and most importantly, your face.  Hair is all about personality. If you are looking for a change, the best approach is to go with how you feel.  Ask yourself these questions before getting in the chair:

1) How much time do I spend on my hair?

2) How much time do I want to commit to spending on my hair every morning or WHENEVER  I’M getting ready?

3) What are my best features on my face? 

Not only do these questions give you a better idea interpreting you hair dreams into reality, but it reminds you to be honest with yourself. Also, complementing yourself is oh-so-good for your confidence. "HELLO, palease?"- JiE