hair cuts 2015


It's that time when we continuously look at the calendar and are counting the days towards the last day of summer.  A month and a few weeks are left to let our hair down and commit ourselves to a couple more options on the list with warm days ahead.  Go crazy,  get wild, and let it out!  It's before all those long papers start piling in from school, or the new seasons start for trade shows and sports, or, we are trying to squeeze in a couple more weekends up at the cottage.  Whatever you're trying to forget before looking ahead or having that moment to leave behind, this time in the summer is the best time  to focus on you!  Do that "thang" you always wanted - do that "thang" to your hair!

At Salon JiE, we pride ourselves on pushing individuals to create their own unique identity  with your hair.  Don't be a clone from a tv show, YouTube, or Instagram page.  Stand out and be different by taking the time to choose a look that would accentuate your features. Why look like someone else? Here are a couple of ideas for your hair style that we know will free yourself to be you this summer: 

1. Lift you colour - Add colour. Be colour. JiE recommends the strawberry pink hair / lavender, if you want to go to the "next level". But, JiE also suggests enriching your tones with the the deep classic St. Tropez brown.


2. Cut action- Just cut it off with the latest bob or shag.  Get it now, and be on top of what is about to come this fall.  Work on your individuality by doing what you feel suits your lifestyle.   When it's the right cut, it's the best cut!

3. Bohemian Baby- Move the hair away from the face.  Be adventurous by placing braids in different sizes all around. We can frame the face, create ponytails and even create braided crowns for you.


When you take the time out to try something new on yourself, you'll be surprised to find out how much you are getting closer to the real you.