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Not too white but not too golden,… you know, the BEIGE CRAZE!

We have the perfect person in the salon to give you the  hottest colour of the season at Salon Jie - Matty Leblanc.  Matty taught colour all over the blondest CITIES: LA, San Francisco, and Las Vegas for Regis Corporation as creative director and educator. What better places in North America could there be to teach colourists all about blondes?!!!

Here is what Matty had to say about the BEIGE CRAZE:

"It's going to be the NEW FALL STATEMENT- beige blonde! Even though the weather is getting cooler, it doesn't mean your colour needs to fade. A perfect way to keep your blonde vibrant, but will give you that change you're looking for is to soften those highlights by toning them down a level with a shiny, creamy beige hue. It's the perfect way to bring your hair back to life after a summer of sun-fun!  Your beige blonde colouring will saturate the hair with vibrant pigments, bringing that radiant shine back into your luscious locks AND creating more volume. It's the perfect colour to go with all the tonal fashion colours for fall." -Matty Leblanc


It's hot out! It's our kind of hot, and you know what I am saying if you're a Torontian. You still have one wedding and about 3 more functions before we kiss this gorgeous weather goodbye. Are you really going to wear your hair down… AGAIN?  Our winter months give us plenty of time to use our hair functionally.  JiE insists that hair should follow form and function with the calendar months especially in Canada.  "Take advantage of the season by using the environment to help style the hair.  Humidity can be your friend if you play it smart." says JiE.

Here are a few favourite styles to try, keep that hair off your back and show your neck line:



Cover Header: Giambattista Valli: Runway 2015 French-Twist.

1. Kate Hudson: Soft Top Bun.

2. Ciara: Fallen up-do. 

3. Chrissy Tiegen: Lifted Pony Tail.